How To Play

Each player will take their turn to draw a card from the deck. Whatever the card says you must do. Everytime you pull a king you must pour a bit of your drink into a cup. Whoever pulls the fourth and final king card must down the entire kings cup filled with a mixture of eveyone who's drawn the other 3 king card's drinks.
card rules:
Ace: Waterfall - All players must start downing their drinks. Once the person who drew the card stops drinking, the person to their left can stop, then the person to their left can stop and so on. You cannot stop drinking until the person to your right has stopped drinking.

2: Fuck You - Pick someone to drink.

3: Fuck Me - Take a drink yourself.

4: Touch the floor - Last person to touch the floor drinks.

5: Guys - All guys drink.

6: Chicks - All girls drink.

7: Heaven - Last to put their hand in the air drinks.

8: Mate - Pick a mate. The person you pick will have to drink anytime you drink for the entirety of the game.

9: Rhyme - Pick a word. Everyone well then take in turn to pick another word that rhymes with the first word. The first person to break the cycle with a word that doesn't rhyme or a repeated word must drink.

10: Categories - Pick a categories. Players must then take it in turn to say something related to the category. For example: "Car Manufacturers". players will then take in turns to name car manufacturers. First to say a wrong answer or repeat an answer must drink.

Jack: Take a drink. Simple as that

Queen: Question Master. If you're the question master you can make anyone drink if they answer a question you ask them. However, if you ask someone a question whilst you're the question master, they can make you drink by replying "Fuck you question master!".

King: This is the ultimate card! Everytime you pull this card you must pour a bit of your drink into the kings glass. Whoever pulls the last king card must finish the kings cup. This is also referred to as a 'Dirty Pint'.